The Brief


One Avnet


Avnet is one of the world's largest distributors of electronic components, computer and IT solutions, embedded technology and has a service offering of over 5 million products. Chances are, one of your tech gadgets has some of their parts inside.

Avnet's digital ecosystem was fragmented, with 34 regions approaching customer service in different ways, on different brand sites, offering different user experiences.

There was a need to shift Avnet’s brand sites from a sales oriented experience to a more service oriented one. To better enable customers to not only find the products they are looking for and purchase them, but also get the self-service and support they need to make better buying decisions.

Our approach was to create “One Avnet”. To consolidate the brand sites into one consumer facing experience that offers access to all products independent of region.

To enable Avnet to achieve this ambitious approach to their business model, we created a scalable design system of plug and play components that offer maximum flexibility in layout possibilities across regional sites.

The result was an industry leading commerce experience, a fresh new brand identity that can be easily extended to offline use, a scalable responsive design system and one very happy client.


Initial Site Concepts


One of the primary challenges faced by the design team was the lack of product photography and images to breath life into the site. Our solution was to rely on typography to give the site both structure and flavor.


Original Site Design


As you can see we had both a lot of content to organize, but also a lot of work to do in redesigning the experience.

Behind the Scenes


To help establish the overall structure of the site, I created grey box wireframes to validate and test against. As a part of the project handoff we delivered both a beautifully laid out styleguide as well as the content authoring guide I wrote.