The Brief


The Power of You


Working on the Time Warner Cable account, I provided creative direction for a number of sizzle videos promoting their new product offerings.

I wanted to make their products feel more approachable with less emphasis on listing out tech specs in the spots and more emphasis on how the products will make your life easier.

What we created was a unique brand esthetic to help their products stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Visually each spot was given a human touch through the use of hand-crafted elements utilizing both digital and traditional design techniques.

I had a lot of fun creating these spots. They remind me that creativity is very personal, it’s not manufactured in think-tanks or by following trends. It comes from our own personal experiences and interpretation of things. For me it all began with a pen, a piece of paper, my imagination and a need for personal expression.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Device


This spot used the device as the hero, taking the viewer on a journey of discovery.

Behind the Scenes


Motion pieces are always fun to work on because you have an open canvas to express yourself without the limitations of print and web design.