The Replacer

The Brief


Get Replaced


We created to support the launch of an add-on to the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Our goal was to make the release feel as important as a new game launch. The campaign was so popular among fans that we revamped it for a second game add-on release. unburdens players from life’s responsibilities, so they can spend more time kicking ass in Black Ops 2.

The campaign spokesperson The Replacer, was played by Peter Stormare (Fargo, The Big Lebowski). The Replacer could be hired to "take care of" players chores, their boss, school studies and so-called friends.

Players can also use to order food, schedule cleaning services and even launch a fullscreen takeover that locks them out of their computer temporarily, so they focus more on playing Black Ops 2: Uprising.

We did a full day shoot with Peter to get the footage we needed for the site experience and social media marketing tactics. I art directed the shoot along side our agency partners.

One of the scenes used a cardboard prop of Peter as The Replacer that he really wanted and took home as a memento. What a great day on set.


Social Media


We shot a wide range of clips to be shared as social media posts. The clips spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter, helping generate additional traffic to the site.

Initial Campaign Concepts


The first phase of the campaign helped us establish The Replacer as the spokesperson for the game. We created a variety of branded digital and out-of-home work like door hangers, table tents and posters. Initially we considered using Harvey Keitel as the campaign spokesperson, but ended up shooting with Peter Stormare.


Behind the Scenes


Sometimes an idea becomes so clear in your mind that the final product mirrors your thoughts to the T. It was clear to me from the beginning how the second incarnation of the site would look and feel. The branding was as sharp as the angles used in the final designs.


Awards & Recognitions


Effie Awards
Leisure Products & Services - Gold