The Brief


A New Breed of Agency


SapientNitro provides end-to-end integrated marketing services, from strategy to creative to technology and is a part of the largest network of digital agencies in the world.

With 12,000+ employees in 34 offices, redesigning their global website presented a variety of unique challenges. My team was spread across offices and regions. With so many opinionated people, each having specific needs and requirements of the new website, this project was one of the most challenging of my professional career.

We wanted to create an experience that broke away from traditional website paradigms and took a stand for new ways of exploring and navigating the web.

Our approach was an interaction model inspired by the way people most frequently connect in the modern age, using their mobile devices.

The site is made up of a series of components and templates, making the experience easy to update and offering a vast range of layout possibilities. And of course, it’s optimized for a range of device resolutions.

To wrap up the project, I hosted a day long creative summit with the senior leadership team who would be handling future site updates and build-outs. Among topics covered we’re the styleguide, a content authoring guide, photography use guidelines, site hierarchy and organization and how to manage the creative QA process. All of which I wrote the content for. Quite the day indeed.


Behind the Scenes


We designed the site with a mobile-first approach, which allowed us to push the boundaries of the interaction model and create a more forward-thinking experience, literally. The user navigates site content on a horizontal plane. To help celebrate the launch, I designed and made a bunch of cool wearable buttons for my co-workers over the weekend.


Awards & Recognitions


Creativity International Awards
Website - Self Promotion Gold

Design for Experience Awards
Effective Agency Team - Honorable Mention

Interactive Media Awards
Advertising - Best in Class
Web Design / Development - Best in Class
Best in Class - Marketing

Internet Advertising Awards
Advertising - Websites - Outstanding Website

Oystercatchers Club
Best Agency Website

W3 Awards
Website Features - User Experience - Gold
General Website Categories - Self Promotion - Silver