The Brief


The Relentless Pursuit of
What Is Possible


It was clear that there was a real opportunity to not only redesign Research Affiliates current website, but more importantly, reimagine the experience from the ground up. We wanted to reset peoples opinion about interacting with a financial company online. So we started from scratch.

Our approach allowed us to research, evaluate and validate our decisions along the way. We created hypothesis, crafted user journeys, explored and prototyped interaction models, did a lot of sketching, conducted panel reviews with industry experts and even hosted client workshops.

We worked closely with the client to insure that what we created met each and every need they had for their brand.

What we created was a distinct brand identity that helped set Research Affiliates light-years apart from their competitors.

What we delivered was a completely re-vamped site experience that meets the needs of Research Affiliates customers, employees, affiliates, newsletter reader base and handed over the keys to the castle, with detailed documentation on upkeep.


Alternate Design Direction


Consumers know good design as equally as they know quality content. In this direction, bold, impactful typography was used to elevate the importance of site content. Featured articles are accompanied by typographic visuals that pull directly from the content to create a unique esthetic. Timeless, confident, content first.


Behind the Scenes


I walked into this project with one primary question to answer. How do you make interacting with a financial services company fun?

Through a series of design sprints with the client, we were able to shortcut the usual time and approval process to get to the best solution. Delivering a product that was not only fun to work on, but ultimately fun for Research Affiliates customers to engage with.

I created a lot of wireframe concept sketches and worked with a developer to build out interactive prototypes of my grey box wireframes. Check out the video below to see the demos in action. We sent a link to the demos to a series of industry experts and I walked them through the different story flows. Based on their invaluable feedback, we were able to refined the final product experience to meet the needs of both the client and end users.