Modern Warfare 3

The Brief


Connect to Your
Inner Soldier


Activision’s challenge to us was simple. Make Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 the single largest entertainment launch in history and outsell the games previous 2 titles. That means make the game more successful than any movie opening, video game or entertainment property launch in the history of planet earth.

To answer the challenge, our strategic approach involved creating three personas based on the games target audience and aligning an overarching strategy to help us connect them all, Connect to Your Inner Soldier.

The goal was to reach every type of gamer from a newbie to the hardcore gamers and help guide them on a journey to becoming the best Call of Duty gamer they can be by providing them with the resources and tools they needed.

We created a digital ecosystem for the Call of Duty video game franchise and a hub that pulled in all Modern Warfare 3 communications whether it be at a fan or franchise level. Totally un-filtered, raw and authentic.


Launch Site


On launch day we created a campaign site that tracked the excitement around the games launch, including official in-store events. Photos and videos populated to the site allowing fans to engage with the launch as a global community.


Initial Design Concepts


What better way to get inspired to design a video game website than to play some video games. As research, I picked up a couple of the older Call of Duty game titles and gave them a test spin. It became clear to me right away that the game's interface design was a great way to pay homage to the game in the design of the website.

Floating panels of content became the inspiration for the interaction model used in the design of the website. This proved wildly successful, as the site won a slew of design awards.


Behind the Scenes


We created a lot of marketing materials for this game. Each gave us the opportunity to bring fresh creative ideas to the table. Both in concept and how the user interacted with the work. Good thing we had room in the budget for pencil lead.

Awards & Recognitions


Creativity International Awards
Video Game, Graphics - Gold

Effie Awards
Grand Effie
Leisure Products & Services - Gold

Interactive Media Awards
Best in Class - Games / Industry
Best in Class - Games / Playing

Web Site Excellence: Entertainment: Games

Best Game Site Website

Webby Awards
Official Honoree