Call of Duty

The Brief


It’s Call of Duty Time


Activision came to us with a highly fragmented, laborious and costly approach to marketing that resulted in them having to reinvent the wheel each time a Call of Duty game was released. Their most powerful asset, the conversation around their brand, was happening everywhere on the web except their own platforms.

Our solution was to provide Activision a platform in which each new Call of Duty game could be launched, as well provide the community a hub to express their passion for the games. This resulted in a cost and time-efficient way to launch future game titles.

The result was a single sign-on account management system that connected brand channels and even extended beyond the Call of Duty franchise to other Activision titles.

The platform was 100% mobile optimized to allow fans to connect anywhere, anytime.

We also re-launched the brand's social channels from ground up; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

For 3 years we helped Activision break sales records and won a slew of design awards for our work. Our team grew from a couple of us to 140 multi-disciplinary team members, working on almost 60 unique projects. Not bad.


Account Pages & Single Sign-On


One of the first projects we worked on with Activision was designing and building out their user account system. They wanted the system to work across their portfolio of game titles.

What we creates was a skinnable backend system that allowed them to customize the visual layer of the experience based on the game title.

We also created a single sign-on bar that lives across the top of each of their video game sites. One login to rule them all.


Call of Duty XP


Call of Duty XP brought fans, developers and globally renowned Call of Duty players together for a massive live-streamed tournament in Los Angeles. The event was housed in and around an airplane hanger once owned by Howard Hughes.

XP was held to support the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and featured an obstacle course designed after the game, zip lines, paintball, a 30 minute Jeep experience, a real life replica of a restaurant featured in the Call of Duty games, musical performances by Kanye West and the Dropkick Murphys. They even gave away a $1 million dollar prize to the tournament winners.

The event also helped launch Call of Duty: Elite, an online gaming service for the Call of Duty franchise.

In support of the event we created the event website, which housed a live-updating tournament bracket, various social and advertising takeovers, email marketing materials and we we’re on the ground at the event providing full-coverage on all Call of Duty social channels.

We helped Activision make the event a worldwide phenomenon and broke live-streaming records.


Call of Duty Endowment


As the design lead on the Activision account for three years and having developed a successful relationship with the organization, we we’re given the opportunity to partner with the Call of Duty Endowment, a charitable organization that identifies and funds the most efficient and effective organizations that get unemployed veterans back to work.

The initial ask was to redesign their current website. Our answer went above and beyond... the Call of Duty. After having a sit down with the executive director of the company, it became clear that there was a greater opportunity to craft a brand identity that would help them stand apart from the Call of Duty video game franchise, giving them an ownable flavor.

In the digital space, as we’ll as their offline marketing materials.

They had a lot of powerful statistics about returning veterans that would become the foundation of the identity system. These statistics were brought to life by creating a library of approachable infographics. Each with a very clear message and purpose. The idea was to tell their powerful brand story as quick and efficiently as possible.

The result was a sophisticated responsive website, a beautifully thoughtful library of infographics, all designed using a trustworthy modern color pallet.


Various Site Concepts


For the love of design and Call of Duty.


Behind the Scenes


Call of Duty was one of the most fun and challenging accounts to work on. The fans truly are a great audience to market toward. Very vocal, very communal and incredibly engaged with the Call of Duty franchise.


Awards & Recognitions


Creativity International Awards
Call of Duty Endowment  /  New Media and Web Design - NM21 - Website - Public Service or Non-Profit

Effie Awards
Call of Duty XP  /  Brand Experience - Gold

Interactive Media Awards
Call of Duty Endowment  /  Best in Class - Charity
Call of Duty Endowment  /  Best in Class - Employment

Pixel Awards
Call of Duty Endowment  /  Game Site - Nominee Honoree
Call of Duty Endowment  /  Non-Profit & Charity - Nominee Honoree

Summit Creative Awards
Call of Duty Endowment  /  Websites - Non-Profit Website

W3 Awards
Call of Duty Endowment  /  General Websites - Corporate Social Responsibility - Silver

Call of Duty Endowment  /  Non-Profit Standard of Excellence
Call of Duty Endowment  /  Game Site Standard of Excellence
Call of Duty Endowment  /  Military Standard of Excellence
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3  /  Best Game Site Website